How to Transfer Money From Debit Cards to a Bank Account

Online transfer companies work fast.

To send money from your debit card to a bank account, use an online money-transferring company. Unlike wire transfer, which can take weeks, online services are quick; funds usually reach the recipient within 24 hours. Three companies you can use for transferring money through debit cards are Xoom, Western Union, and PayPal.

Step 1

Compare the fees of Xoom, Western Union, and PayPal and select the company that charges least. See Resources for the cost estimators of all three companies.

Step 2

Visit the website of the company you've chosen to use.

Step 3

Click on "Register"/"Sign Up" when you open the page. Provide your personal information--name, address, email address and debit card information.

Step 4

Click on "Send Money"/"Send Money Online" after signing up on the website.

Step 5

Enter the recipient's bank account number or email address. Xoom and Western Union deposit the money directly to the bank. With PayPal, the recipient has to set up a free account on the website to have the money deposited in his bank.

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