How to Transfer From a Credit Card to a Checking Account

Use convenience checks to transfer money from a credit card to a checking account

Often you urgently need money on your bank account, for example to make a loan or rent payment. In such a case you may use your card to get the money. Each credit card company provides you convenience checks tied to your credit card account. You use those checks anywhere regular checks are accepted. In particularly, deposit a convenience check to transfer money to your checking account.

Step 1

Call a Customer service phone number on the back of your credit card.

Step 2

Request to speak with a representative, and order credit card convenience checks.

Step 3

Allow one to two weeks for the check delivery.

Step 4

Call your credit card customer service again to find out your available credit.

Step 5

Decide on the amount you want to deposit to your checking account keeping in mind that it has to be within your available credit.

Step 6

Make a convenience check payable to yourself for the amount decided.

Step 7

Deposit the convenience check to your bank checking account.


Convenience checks typically come with a fee ( 3 to 5 percent of the transferred amount) that will appear in your credit card statement as "Finance Charge."