How to Add Backup Funding to PayPal Debit Card

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If your PayPal debit card does not have enough funds to cover your purchases, you can add a backup funding source. The funding option ​must be either a bank account or a PayPal credit card​. You cannot add a debit card, or a credit card obtained from a different company, as a backup. You must establish your bank account or PayPal credit card as a payment method before you can add it as a backup.


Step 1: Setting Up Your Payment Method

After logging into your PayPal account, you will be directed to the Summary page. From there:

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  • Click on ​"Wallet"​ at the top of the page
  • Select ​"Link a Bank"​ or ​"Link a Card"​ to add your bank account or Paypal credit card



Link to your bank by logging into your bank account, in which case, your account information will be electronically retrieved. Or enter your bank account information manually.

Step 2: Confirming Your Account

You bank account will not be added as a payment method unless you confirm it:

  • Immediately​ by logging into your bank account while adding the payment method.
  • Within two to three business days​. In this case, after PayPal has made two nominal deposits and withdrawals from your account, log into your PayPal account, select "Wallet" and the option to confirm your account




You do not need to confirm your account if you are adding a PayPal credit card.

Step 3: Adding Your Backup

From the Summary page, select the Paypal debit card link, then click on "Add Backup Now." ​The bank account or PayPal credit card you added as a payment method should now be visible.​ Select the backup source, then press "Continue" to complete the process.


You can change or remove your backup method by clicking on the Paypal debit card link from the Summary page and selecting the "Change" link beside "Backup payment settings."


The daily limit on your backup funding source is the same amount as your PayPal debit card's.




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