How to Send Money Without Billing Address Information

There are several ways to make payments electronically when you don't have a billing address.

Some people pay their creditors by sending payments through the mail using the billing address on their statements. If you don't have the billing address there are other ways to send money to your creditors. Customers have a choice of several methods for paying their accounts. Systems are in place that provides customers with the convenience of paying electronically. This eliminates the needs to write out checks and saves money on postage and envelopes.


Step 1

Call your credit card company or creditor customer service department. A representative will be able to take a payment over the phone. Give the representative the nine digit routing number for your bank account, which can be found on the bottom left hand side of one of your personal checks. He will also need your checking account number which follows the routing number. Let the representative know how much money you wish to pay. The money will be taken right out of your checking account immediately. Some banks will require 24 hours to have the money taken out. Write down the confirmation number provided by the representative.


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Step 2

Enroll in the company's online banking service. Payments often can be made using a bill pay service. Click on bill pay and enter the name of the creditor and the amount to be paid. There will be a place to enter the date for payment. Payments can be scheduled for a future date if you don't want to pay today. The payment will take two to three days to be posted to your account. After enrolling in online banking, some banks require you to wait several days so that the account can be set up.


Step 3

Call your creditor and set up an automatic deduction. Many creditors can have payments taken right from your checking account. They will send you a form that needs to be filled out with personal information such as name, address, account number, bank name, checking account number and routing number. Indicate which day you want the payment to be paid and the amount. Send the form back to your creditor for processing. Every month, a payment will be taken from your checking account.


Step 4

Call your creditor and give them your debit or bank card information. Many creditors can process a payment using your bank card. They will need the 16 digit card number and the expiration date on the front of the card. Let the representative know how much you want to pay and the money will be taken from your checking account immediately.