How to Check Visa Balance

How to Check Visa Balance
Issuer information is typically located on the back of the card.

Obtaining the Balance on a Visa Debit Card

When a Visa card is used as a debit card, there is no balance due. The card functions like a check from a checking account, and the amount of the purchase is immediately deducted from the attached account. The available balance on a debit card is determined by the funds available in the attached bank account. A phone call to your financial institution can provide information on the available balance. You can also register at your financial institution's website and obtain the information online. If you have a Personal Identification Number set up for your debit card, you can visit one of the ATM machines in your bank's network and do a balance check.

Obtaining the Balance on a Visa Credit Card

Every Visa credit card has a telephone number on the back. Both the balance due and the available balance can be checked by calling and following the voice prompts, which might include entering your card number, zip code or Social Security number. You can also check your balance by creating an account at the website of the financial institution that issued the card. When you log into your account, you should see your available balance, your balance due, and when it is due. The monthly statement you receive will also have information on the balance due and available balance. However, this might not contain the most up-to-date information because of transactions that occurred between the statement's closing date and the current date.