How to Pay for an Evercom Inmate Prepaid Phone

Evercom is a telephone billing company used by inmates and their families and relatives to be able to communicate. It is a prepaid service and can be used with home phones and cell phones. They offer a variety of payment options, all of which are subject to approval and availability.

Confirm Rules and Restrictions

Look up the prison or jail phone number in the local phone book or call Information. Check to make sure that the correctional facility your inmate is housed in accepts the Evercom service and that there are no restriction or rules that apply. Some institutions do not allow inmates to make calls of any kind. Other institutions only allow the use of a specific company for phone calls.

Call the prison directly and ask for the person who deals with inmate visits. This will be the person who who also knows the rules on phone calls and mail. Ask if there is a particular company to use for inmate calls and if Evercom is a company they will accept.

Check the website for the prison. Do this in addition to calling the prison to get all the information possible. This will often have all the information you need to set up the inmate Evercom phone service. Check links for visitors and mail. These are the places that most often list telephone and calling information.

Register for an Account With Evercom

Gather information you will need to register. Have available you own personal information like address, phone number and your choice of payment. You will also need information on your inmate and the correctional facility. Have available the name and address of the jail or prison and any inmate numbers or cell numbers related to your inmate.

Call the company at (800) 844-6591, email them at or register online at Use the information you have gathered to fulfill any requirements and request service.

Keep all the data having to do with your account in a safe place that you can access easily. Anything having to do with inmates, jail or the prison system can be confusing and convoluted. Make sure that you have your Evercom account number, inmate information and records of payment available if you need it for correspondence with the correctional facility, Evercom or phone company.

Make Payment

Choose your method of payment. Evercome inmate phone service accepts payment by credit card, check, Western Union Money Gram or by billing your phone company. Determine which you will use by deciding which is most convenient for you, as well as easiest track.

Log onto the Evercom website to enter information into your account on how you will make your payments. If your using a credit card you must enter the card number, expiration date and card type (must be MasterCard or Visa) into your account. Western Union payments will have reciept numbers on them that you can use to track your payments through your Evercom account.

Set your Evercom account to alert you when your account limit is low and you need to add more money. The company can email you a reminder or have a paper reminder mailed to you when your funds are reaching critical levels.