How do I Send Money to an Inmate in a Florida Corrections Facility?

Florida correctional facilities don't accept payments made in person to fund an inmate's account, but there are several ways you can send him money. The fastest method is through a service offered by, and you can also transfer funds and send money orders.

Inmate ID Number

Regardless of which method you use to send money to a Florida inmate, you'll need his identification number. If you don't know the ID number, you can use the Inmate Population Information Search tool on the Florida Department of Corrections website to obtain it. You must know the inmate's first and last name to conduct the search. You can narrow down search results by selecting other identifying information, such as race, sex and hair color.


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JPay is the preferred payment method and the only option for online transfers to Florida correctional facilities. According to, funds are typically available to the inmate the next business day. You can pay online at via the mobile phone app or by phone. Before you can send money, you'll need to register for a free account at After you've registered, you can click the "send money" link to send money using your credit or debit card. You may also schedule recurring payments. You'll be charged a fee for the payment, which varies based on the amount you send and the correctional facility. For the majority of Florida facilities, the fee is $4.95 for up to $20 and $7.95 for $20.01 to $100, as of the date of publication.



You can fund an inmate's account using MoneyGram. If the inmate is in a federal facility, you can make a payment online. If you're sending to a state or county facility, you'll be redirected to to complete the payment online. You can also send money to an inmate in a Florida county, state or federal facility by making a cash payment at any MoneyGram agent location. You must provide the name and receive code of the facility, and the inmate's ID and first and last name. The Florida Department of Corrections lists the receive code for MoneyGram as 5188. You'll pay the cash and the fee at the counter.


Money Orders

All money orders must be made payable to JPay and include a JPay deposit slip. Mail the money order and slip to JPay, P.O. Box 260010, Hollywood, FL 33026. Funds are usually available within 10 business days or less. The Department of Corrections assesses a $0.50 processing fee for each money order deposited into the inmate's account, regardless of the amount.


Other Payments

Any other payments made to an inmate_,_ such as pension checks, tax refunds and VA benefits, must be mailed to the Inmate Trust Fund at Florida Department of Corrections, Inmate Trust Fund, Centerville Station, P.O. Box 12100, Tallahassee, FL 32317. Include the inmate's name and ID number.