How to Get a Capital One Debit Card

Capital One checking account customers have access to the Capital One Platinum Debit MasterCard to make purchases and other payments. The debit card is linked to your checking account and lets you make purchases anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

Open a Checking Account

To get your Capital One debit card, you need to open up a checking account. As of 2015, Capital One offered four different types of checking accounts:

  • Rewards
  • Premier Rewards
  • High Yield
  • 360 Checking

You must open the Rewards, Premier Rewards and High Yield accounts at a local Capital One branch or by calling 1-888-855-2265. You can open a 360 Checking account online. To find the nearest branch, use the Capital One branch locator on the home page.


To open a Capital One checking account, you'll need to provide a photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport; your Social Security number; and proof of residency like a credit card or utility bill.

Minimum Deposits

Each type of account has its own minimum deposit amount to get started. As of 2015, Rewards and Premier Rewards require $50, High Yield requires $500 and 360 Checking has no minimum deposit. You can fund your new checking account using cash or a check from another account. The 360 Checking requires that you link an external checking or savings account to fund it.

Activate Your Card

After you open the account, Capital One mails you the debit card and your card's Personal Identification Number that you'll need to use the card at an ATM and make debit purchases. To activate your card when you receive it, call 1-800-220-2940.