How to Activate a USAA Debit Card

A USAA debit card allows you to spend money in your checking account without the need for writing checks. USAA debit cards are accepted at any location that takes a regular VISA credit card and can provide convenience and security while you are doing your daily errands or grocery shopping. In order to use your USAA debit card, you will first need to activate it.


Step 1

Navigate to USAA's website at

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Step 2

Click "Member Access" to progress to the log-on screen.

Step 3

Enter your ID and password in the provided forms, then click "Log On."


Step 4

Click "My Accounts" to open your accounts page. Click the checking account with the new card to begin activation.

Step 5

Click "I Want to…" and select "Activate Debit Card."

Step 6

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish your card activation.


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