How to Open an Online Checking Account if you Have Been Reported to Chex Systems

Open an Online Checking Account if you Have Been Reported to Chex Systems

If you have been reported to Chex Systems you know how hard it is to open another checking account. This article will show you how to open an account no matter your credit score or Chex System status.


Step 1

If you are reading this then chances are you know what Chex Systems is and how difficult or impossible it is to open a checking account with a new bank. This article will show you how to open a checking account no matter if you have been reported to Chex Systems or have bad credit.

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Step 2

There are a few non Chex Systems banks that offer checking accounts that do not check or use Chex Systems like Credit Unions but often they will pull your credit. If you have bad credit then your chances are slim in getting a second chance checking account. You might be able to open a savings account but our goal is to get a checking account.


Step 3

The best place to get a non Chex System checking account is Bank of America. Bank of America is one of the country's largest banks and you will be able to get a checking account and a Visa debit/check card. The key is to follow the steps below and DO NOT go to your local branch to open the account.


Step 4

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any bank or lending institution and receive no compensation from any bank mentioned. My goal is to help those of you who like me needed a checking account and could not find one because of being reported to Chex Systems. The steps here to obtain a checking account is in no way deceptive, immoral or illegal. You should be aware that if you mess up this new account, Bank of America WILL report you to Chex Systems.


Step 5

YOU MUST OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT ONLINE! Go to and click on "Open Account" in the MyAccess Checking section.



Step 6

Select your accounts. Check the box "My Access Checking" This account is free with no direct deposit or minimum balance requirements. It is also a good idea to open a savings account at the same time. Bank of America offers a "Keep the Change" program where they round up each check card transaction an deposit the difference into your savings account automatically. It's a great way to save!


Step 7

Next you will need to fill in the form with you and your co-applicant's personal information. Then click continue.

Step 8

You will then be taken to the sign & verify page. Read all of the disclosures, check the boxes confirming you have read them and click "Submit Your Application"


Step 9

You will see the "Processing your request screen" and then a screen confirming your application will appear. It says you will be notified by email within the next two business days, don't worry, this is standard practice.

Step 10

Click "continue to Deposit" You can use an existing debit card or transfer from another checking account if you like. If you do not want to fund your account now, just exit the opening deposit.



Step 11

You should now be at the application summary page. Print this page for your records.

Step 12

You will receive your account number, online banking instructions and signature card in the mail in 7 - 10 days. You'll get your Check Card in around 10 days. The PIN and the card are sent in two different mailings.


Step 13

Once you get your account number you can go into your local branch and make a deposit (unless you did it online already).

Step 14

Once you sign up for online banking, you can order your checks online.


Step 15

Remember to be diligent in taking care of this account!

You should be aware that if you mess up this new account, Bank of America WILL report you to Chex Systems!


This is your second chance checking account. Always balance your checkbook. Keep track of your ATM and check card transactions. DO NOT overdraw your account! If you happen to overdraw your account, pay the fees and brings your account out of negative ASAP. Try to forget about the money in your savings account.

Things You'll Need

  • A Computer

  • Internet Access

  • Your Personal Information


This online checking account is your second chance, take care of it! This is the best non chex systems account I have found, if you mess this one up, I'm not sure you will find another this good.

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