How to Find Out My TCF PIN Number

How to Find Out My TCF PIN Number
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TCF, or Twin Cities Federal as it was once known, is a banking company that was founded in Minneapolis in 1923. If you bank with TCF, you likely know that if you have a checking or savings account, you will need a PIN (personal identification number) to access your funds or account information from an ATM. To protect your sensitive account information, TCF policy dictates that if you happen to lose this PIN, you will not be able to retrieve it: instead, you will have to reset your password, a process that only takes a few minutes in person or over the phone.


Step 1

Have your account information, including both your account and card number, handy before you attempt to contact TCF customer service.

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Step 2

Contact customer service, or head into a local branch. If you decide to call, you will be asked to verify certain information, such as the address and phone number linked to the account. You will also be asked to provide either your account number or card number and your social security number. If you decide to reset your password in person, a valid ID card and your bank card will likely suffice.

Step 3

Write down your new PIN in a safe place. Do not share it with anyone or display it anywhere that it could easily be read.