How to Change the PIN Number on an ATM Card

A woman using an ATM.
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Most banks provide many ways to change your debut card's PIN number. Options include making the change at an ATM that belongs to your bank chain, over the phone through telephone banking or by calling a customer service representative, or visiting your bank in person. However, never attempt to change your password by clicking through a link provided by an email purportedly from your bank. That e-mail more than likely indicates a phishing scam.


When You Remember the Current PIN

If you know your PIN, you often can change your debit card at one of your bank's ATMs. After you swipe your card and enter your current debit card, there are a few different ways that your bank may offer the option of changing it. You may have to enter your existing PIN and then select the next screen to encounter that selection, or it may appear under the "more options" tab. If you're registered for automated telephone banking, you may be able to change your PIN over the phone. Often this option can be found by listening to the options for personal banking.


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Forgotten PIN

It's easy to forget your PIN, especially if it's a new card or you've recently changed it. If that happens, visit your bank in person and talk to the teller. After the bank confirms your identity, you should be able to create a new PIN at the counter. If you need a PIN as soon as possible and don't have time to visit the bank, call your bank's customer service number, which is usually listed on the back of your bank card or on your bank statement. A customer service representative can help you change your PIN over the phone. Be prepared to answer questions about your account, password, and other personal information to confirm who you are.