How to See Checks With Chase

JPMorgan Chase is one of the largest banks in the United States. The company purchased and merged with banking rival Washington Mutual in 2008 to further expand its influence and client base. If you have accounts with Chase, you can access your bank accounts online to check recent activity and current balances. You can also look at checks that have cleared to help balance your checkbook. Seeing your checks with a Chase account just requires a few clicks of the mouse.


Step 1

Visit the Chase website and enter your login name and password on the left side of the screen. Hit "Enter."

Step 2

Click on your checking account from the list of possible accounts you'll see once you're logged in.

Step 3

Scroll through your account activity and locate the check number you wish to see.

Step 4

Click on either the check number or the "View" button next to the check number to bring up a scanned version of your check.


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