How to Report Bank Fraud

How to Report Bank Fraud
Married couple looking at bank statements

Step 1

Notify your bank in person or by telephone if you believe an act of bank fraud has been committed. If you are the victim, consider following up with a letter sent by certified mail. This also provides written documentation of your communication with the bank.

Step 2

Contact your local police or the FBI to report fraudulent financial activity in your bank account. Do not contact the Federal Trade Commission about financial crimes or fraudulent activity as they no longer handle financial fraud.

Step 3

Provide the bank or law enforcement officials all the information you have on the alleged bank fraud. Cooperate and be responsive with these agencies as long as necessary to resolve your issues.

Step 4

Contact the Consumer Financial Protection Board if your bank refuses to reimburse you for fraudulent activity on your account after you have reported it timely to them. You can file a complaint online with the CFPB, which was created for just this reason. The CFPB will contact your bank on your behalf.

Step 5

Continue to check your accounts for fraudulent activity. Make certain to change your online account passwords or ask for new debit or credit cards to be issued if your identity was stolen or your cards were used fraudulently. Do not verify your bank account information or provide your card numbers to people who call or email to request this information from you, as this is considering "phishing," a way to get your account information for illegal purposes.