How to Remove a Fraud Alert From Equifax

A fraud alert won't stop third parties from viewing the information in your credit file. However, it will protect your identity by making sure a creditor verifies your identity before opening a new credit account, increasing your credit line or adding an authorized user. Equifax can place a renewable 90-day alert on your file, or an extended alert that lasts for seven years, if you have evidence of fraudulent activity on your account and file a report with your local police. In either case, you can remove a fraud alert by letting it expire or by submitting a written request.


Deactivate an Alert Online

You can cancel the automatic renew feature of a 90-day or extended alert online if you subscribe to Equifax's credit monitoring service and created the alert from your Equifax account. From your Member Center homepage, select the Alerts tab. Scroll down and from the Automatic Fraud Alert window, select the "deactivate fraud alert" button. Once you save the change, the date the alert will expire will appear.


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Cancel an Alert in Writing

To cancel an alert immediately, send a written request to Equifax Information Service LLC, PO Box 105069, Atlanta, GA 30348-5069. Send the request via certified mail with a return receipt if you want confirmation of the receive date. Provide your name, Social Security Number, current and previous addresses, date of birth and telephone number, and say that you want to cancel an active fraud alert. You'll also need to enclose two documents to validate both your identity and your address. For example, you can enclose a copy of your valid driver's license, Social Security card, pay stub, utility or cell phone bill, rental lease agreement or bank statement. Allow one to two weeks for Equifax to receive and process your request.


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