Cheapest Place to Live in Texas

Cheapest Place to Live in Texas

If you're looking to hang a hat in the Lone Star State, there are some parts of the state that truly offer value for new residents. Although many think of Texas as being full of rich oil-laden millionaires, the stereotype holds true for very few. Most cities in Texas are rural due to the state's extensive size. Some areas of Texas are so sparsely populated, there are fewer than 500 residents in a county. However, those looking for an affordable quality of life can find places such as Lubbock, McAllen and Paris.

Welcome to Lubbock, Texas.

Buddy Holly was born and played her during his high school years. The city still pays homage to its favorite son in numerous plaques and statues around the city. However, the burg offers an incredible variety of activities and opportunities. Lubbock is home to Texas Tech University and Lubbock Christian University. Texas Tech Health Sciences Center also adds to the integrity of the choice of Lubbock for a home base. Although a bit dry and dusty, Lubbock is known for friendly folks and friendly prices. The average cost for a home in Lubbock is as low $77,000 for three bedrooms, two bath houses, according to the National Association of Realtors in 2007. If you are moving from Manhattan, you can live fairly affluently and still take a 60 percent paycut, according to the American Chamber of Commerce Research Association in 2008.

Moving to Paris

Paris, Texas ,may not offer the Eiffel Tower, but the rolling hills of this Texas gem welcomes new residents with a cost of living index where an "affluent" household income is $66,900 and the average earnings are $32,000, according to City Data Online Information System in 2009).Paris draws new settlers to the West by its proximity to the Dallas sprawl, offering jobs and a strong economy. However, Paris is a decidedly small town. The downtown square has earned multiple awards. Paris is also a contender for All-American city rankings by the National Civic League.

Heading South to the Border

MacAllen Texas

The very best values in Texas may be down in the southern tip of the state. The area draws thousands of retirees to the McAllen area. The Rio Grande Valley is lush, beautiful and sustained by a strong international trade with Mexico just minutes away. Another advantage of McAllen is the proximity to Padre Island National Seashore. A quick call to the McAllen Chamber of Commerce reaches Lupe Flores, who is happy to gush about McAllen. "Did you see where we made the Money magazine list. We are a beautiful city and we have lots of things to do. Our real estate is incredibly affordable. Why don't I send you some information?" The whole statement comes out in one practiced slur that shows pride of a city where a home rates an average $69,000, according to City Data Online Information System.

Sliding out to Seguin

Best Barbeque in the World

Seguin, Texas, offers an incredible opportunity to live close to the thriving city of San Antonio while paying suburban prices. Seguin is a beautiful city close to the Texas Hill Country and offering a number of civic claims of pride. Another All-American City, Seguin has an extensive history with Texas. Seguin claims the title of the world's best barbecue.

San Angelo Previews Coming Boom

San Angelo, Texas, is located in central Texas and has a number of offerings. The fact that if you earn $50,000.00 in Manhattan, then you'll just need to earn $20,706.03 to keep the same lifestyle in San Angelo, according to City Data. The center is poised for a new green movement. Acres and acres of potential sites for the new wind power generators are a main aim of San Angelo State University. If the Green power idea catches in the area, it stands to grow at an extreme rate.

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