Ways to Make Extra Money Online for Free

The Internet is a great resource for finding ways to make extra money for free. The important thing to remember about making money on the Internet is if it sounds too good to be true, then that's probably the case.

Freelance Writing

Internet websites require content to keep the traffic flowing and advertising revenue in place. Much of that content is written by freelance writers. You do not need to be a professional author to be paid for freelance writing; rather, you just need to produce content in conversational English. There are many websites that will pay freelance writers for their work and the cost is free to join.

Taking Surveys

You may have seen advertisements on television for taking consumer surveys on the Internet for extra money. The marketing departments of corporations across the United States rely on consumer marketing companies for much of the data they use to determine product development and advertising strategies. These consumer marketing companies turn to the consumer for opinions and they are willing to pay for your help. The money varies, but it can be an easy way to make a few extra dollars in your spare time. Legitimate consumer marketing companies do not charge a membership fee. Be persistent, because it can take some time before you find paid surveys.


To make money blogging, you need three things: a topic other people want to read about, a blog host that will allow you to make money and an advertising account with a large search engine that will pay you for your traffic. Examine popular blogs and see if you have information to offer that may gather an audience. You can set up your blog for free on any of many popular blog-hosting websites. Be certain that the blog host allows you to set up an advertising account to get paid for your traffic. Then go to one of the major search engines and sign up for its traffic marketing program. When you put advertising on your website from the search engine program, the search engine keeps track of the traffic on your website. Once you generate significant enough traffic based on the search engine's guidelines, you will get paid for your blog.