Cheapest Place to Live in Nevada

If you've ever heard people talking about real estate in Nevada, you've probably wondered if there was anything affordable in the state. The best place to live if you want cheap housing and low costs is in Henderson.


Henderson is a short drive from Las Vegas. While close to the Strip, you're saving money by living in a less expensive area.


For less than $200,000 as of August 2009, you can purchase a home in Henderson while home prices in Las Vegas are significantly more. You can also find more expensive homes on Lake Las Vegas if you have the cash available.

Full-Service City

Henderson is known as a full-service city because fire, police and other organizations are located within the city limits unlike other Nevada towns where those departments come from another city. That saves you tax dollars because you only need to pay to one city.

Free Meals

If you meet certain income restrictions, your children are able to receive free breakfast and lunch meals at school. These meals are available for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade.

After-School Programs

You can also save money in Henderson by cutting back on the costs associated with after-school care. The schools in the city offer free programs for grade school kids, junior high kids and high school students.