How to Get Free Grocery Coupons Mailed to Your Home

In the digital age, virtual coupons may abound, but physical coupons are far from dead. If your printer breaks down or you just want the convenience of coupons sent to your mailbox, you can receive high-value grocery coupons for free by snail mail by approaching companies directly.


Register with Coupon Distributors

You may already get free physical coupons delivered to your household along with your Sunday newspaper. If you don't already subscribe, you can contact coupon distributors directly to sign up to receive coupons in the mail and/or manage mailing preferences:

  • Red Plum - its coupon book is sent either by mail or in your newspaper; if you believe you should be getting Red Plum in the mail but haven't, contact the company's consumer department
  • Procter & Gamble - upon registering, receive free samples in the mail, in addition to coupon savings
  • Unilever
  • General Mills


Contact Manufacturers

Reach out to product manufacturers you already patronize and ask them to send you their latest coupons. There is a certain art to the process, involving more than just asking that coupons be mailed to you. You can score a variety of coupons by asking politely and giving companies feedback.

Check for the company's contact information on its product packaging or website. Email the company or fill out its "Contact Us" form online. Or if you're feeling especially chatty, you can call the company's toll free number. Have the product in front of you to supply UPC codes, expiration dates or related information requested by the customer service representative.


Different Approaches

In your correspondence, take any of these tacks:

  • Praise the company for meeting a need or improving your life, by specifying particular products that you and your family enjoyed--including name, flavor and batch number--and state how you would be interested in getting free coupons in the mail for those products.
  • Complain about a product or experience that did not meet your expectations. Present facts and keep the message short. Tell them about your disappointment and make suggestions on how they can improve a product line in the future.
  • Request a product, variety, flavor, package design or other feature that you haven't seen, or, if a new product is available, ask whether the company has a coupon for it. You could be the recipient of a free coupon for the full value of the product.


The key, says deals website The Krazy Coupon Lady, is to engage in a dialogue with the company so that it is aware of your needs and can supply you with relevant coupons.

Participating Manufacturers

Coupon sites often compile lists of manufacturers with contact pages or product pages to get you started requesting paper coupons by mail. These include Sunday Paper Coupons and Free Coupons.

Request Bricks Coupons by Mail

One way to obtain printed coupons by mail is to ask for them via Bricks Coupons. Bricks Coupons generally are coupons that you print at home from your computer. However, you can also receive the coupon in the mail by clicking "Help" at the corner of the screen and going to a Mail Request Form.