How to Save Money Grocery Shopping Starting Today

save money grocery shopping

Knowing how to save money grocery shopping is an important part of good planning and frugal living. Many people spend a lot of money on groceries and their monthly budget is tighter because of it. Because of the recession, layoffs are common and people's wallets are thinner because of the job loss. The current recession still has no end in sight, it is important to plan out your list because you can easily save money grocery shopping.


Step 1

Save money grocery shopping: shop at the 99¢ store. You will surprise yourself at what you can find there. Lots of brand name products are sold there at a fraction of the cost. One thing about the 99¢ store is that they will sell whatever brand name product near the expiration date that the regular supermarkets will no longer carry. Every Saturday, the 99¢ store gets new products, so go there early on Saturday to get unexpected good deals.

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Step 2

Save money grocery shopping: go to the grocery stores after you eat. When you are hungry, you tend buy on impulse. After you had food, you can rationally buy foods that you planned on buying.


Step 3

Save money grocery shopping: buy store and generic brands at the supermarket than the name brand items. Name brands are always more expensive.

Step 4

Save money grocery shopping: Clip coupons and buy on sales. With coupons, you will be able to save a few dollars here and there on your grocery's list. Everything adds up and you will end up saving a lot.

Step 5

Save money grocery shopping: buy large quantities. Shop at Costco or Sam's club for wholesale items that are a lot cheaper than regular supermarkets.


Step 6

Save money grocery shopping: good planning. Plan your shopping trips and keep all recipes so that you can analyze your spending and identify the areas that you need to cut back on.