How to Get Coupons From Macy's by Mail

Although Macy's doesn't use the post office to send its coupons, except those included with its catalog, it does deliver them to customers in a variety of other ways. You can sign up to have coupons delivered to your email or cell phone, or print out coupons from the Macy's website. Sometimes, you also can find Macy's coupons in your Sunday paper.


Delivered Through Catalog

Although Macy's doesn't mail stand-alone coupons to customers, it still mails its catalog which occasionally has coupons included in its pages. Call customer service at (800) 289-6229 to request catalogs by mail. Macy's also gives you access to its catalogs online. Scroll down to the bottom of any page on the Macy's website and click the "Catalogs" link. Enter your zip code. The catalog for your service area will appear. You then can review the latest catalog online, along with any coupons included on its pages.


Delivered Online

Macy's gives you instant access to a wide variety of coupons on the Deals and Promotions page of its website. The deals are outlined with dashes just like those in the newspaper. This gives you the option of printing the coupons so you can cut out the individual ones you want to use. Macy's also includes the discount code on these coupons. This gives you an additional option. Instead of printing out the coupons, you can present the coupon code to the cashier when you check out to have it applied to your purchase. If you're ordering merchandise online, enter this code in the promotion code section during checkout.


Delivered to My Wallet

Macy's also delivers coupons to online through its My Wallet program. Create a profile on Macy's website. Next, select the "My Wallet" option to create your wallet account. Add one or more payment methods, such as a Macy's card, Macy's gift certificate, Macy's Star Pass or other credit and debit cards. After setting up your profile, you can search for coupons on Macy's promotions page as well as My Wallet. When you find a coupon you like, add it to your wallet.


If you're making a purchase inside the store, your saved coupons will automatically come up when you swipe your card at the register. Select the coupon you wish to redeem and the discount will be deducted from the total. If shopping online at Macy's, click the "Offers" link during checkout to see a list of your saved coupons and select the one you want to use.

Delivered to Cell Phone

To have Macy's deliver coupons to your cell phone, text COUPON to 62297. If you want to stop receiving coupons, text STOP to the same number. In addition to coupons, Macy's also texts information about upcoming events and sales.


Delivered to Email

Macy's coupons also are delivered via email. For this delivery method, set up a customer profile on Macy's website. Provide your name, address, birth date, gender and email. You must also select a username and password for online access, as well as a secret question and answer. On the right-hand side of the form, click "Yes! Send me Macy's emails" underneath the Emails section to receive coupons by email. You can also sign up to receive coupons by cell phone on this same page. If you don't want to provide this much information, Macy's provides a simplified sign up form you can use.