How to Find Great Clips Coupons Online

Great Clips is a hair salon chain with franchise stores across the United States and Canada. The company is known for providing low-cost haircuts and accepting walk-ins without appointments. Great Clips often offers coupons online that you can find through its official website and coupon-specific sites.


Official Websites and Apps

You can find Great Clips coupons on the promotion page of its website. This page lists contests, sweepstakes and specials. Join the company's Great Stuff program to receive discounts by email or text. Coupons are also sometimes posted on Great Clips' Facebook page and Twitter account.

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Great Clips has a mobile app for iPhone and Android. The app's purpose is to let customers "check in" for an appointment early without having to wait in line. The app doesn't offer coupons, however.

Group Savings

Group savings websites can be another source for coupons from Great Clips. Sites such as Living Social and Groupon may offer location-specific discounts available for a limited number of people. On these sites, you'll be more likely to find coupons for individual Great Clips salons in your area.


Coupon Websites

Sometimes you can find coupons for Great Clips that aren't posted on the official website by searching sites that specialize in coupons. For example, RetailMeNot has a Great Clips section that lists user-submitted coupons, along with comments from website visitors. The site also lets visitors vote for or against coupons to show whether the specials worked for them. Visitors will typically leave comments mentioning how much money they were able to save with the coupon.

DealsPlus provides a service very similar to RetailMeNot, offering a page specifically for Great Clips coupons that includes "up" votes and "down" votes along with comments from website visitors. has a similar website, although this site only indicates how often a coupon was used.


Message Boards

Finally, you can sometimes locate coupons or special promotions for Great Clips on message boards. On Fat Wallet, for example, visitors start new threads in the Hot Deals forum about special regional promotions where you can get discounted hair cuts without a coupon. Other users will comment on whether the promotion is available in their area. Slick Deals also has a Hot Deals forum where visitors may post a thread about a Great Clips promotion in their region.


Don't stop at the first coupon you find when searching online for Great Clips discounts. Look at multiple websites to make sure you're getting the best deal. Print the coupon and take it with you to the salon. Consider calling the salon first to make sure it's honoring the discount.