How to Get the Wal-Mart Weekly Ad

By browsing Wal-Mart's weekly ad, you can discover sale items and product prices specific to your local store. You can get a copy of the Wal-Mart weekly ad through the company's website, a physical store or a newspaper subscription service.

Advertisement Electronic Ad

Use the Wal-Mart weekly ad finder to find the deals available in your area. Navigate to the weekly ad finder and type in your zip code. Select the store you want to see the ad for. You'll be able to view or print an image of the weekly ad either as a page or as a grid.

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There's no way to subscribe to receive an electronic version of the weekly ad from However, if you create a online account and log in, Wal-Mart will save information about your favorite store. When signed in, your favorite store's ads will display when you click the Weekly Ads button at the top of the screen. You also can clip and print out coupons to use in store at Wal-Mart's online coupon site.


Brick-and-Mortar Stores

If you'd rather have a physical copy of the weekly ad, there usually are copies available inside of your local Wal-Mart store. Use Wal-Mart's store finder search to find the phone number of your local store, and call ahead to ensure they have copies of the ad available.


If there's a Wal-Mart in your area, a paper version of the weekly ad usually is available in the Sunday edition of most local newspapers. Contact the newspaper in your area and ask if the Wal-Mart weekly ad appears in the Sunday paper. You can buy individual copies of the paper with the circular inside, or subscribe and have it appear on your doorstep each week.


Local Newspaper Website

Your local newspaper may offer an online version of Sunday advertisements that includes the Wal-Mart weekly ad. For example, the El Paso Times website publishes the weekly ads for a variety of stores in the area, including Wal-Mart. Visit your local newspaper's online website and search for an online version of the Sunday ads.