How to Get Grocery Circulars in the Mail

Clipping coupons takes mere minutes but can add up to substantial savings at the grocery store. Accomplished clippers save hundreds of dollars a year by culling coupons from every source they can find. Though most people want to limit the amount of mail they receive, it is another channel through which you can receive coupons. If you do not receive coupon mailers regularly, there are a few ways you can encourage companies to send them to you.


Step 1

Receive mail at your physical address. Most companies send mailers only to residential addresses, not to post office boxes or businesses.

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Step 2

Subscribe to a newspaper. Not only do newspapers include coupons but also some marketing companies acquire addresses for mailings from newspaper subscription lists.


Step 3

Register for the preferred shopper's card at your grocery store. These cards are usually free. Not only will registering for the card allow you to earn points and extra savings, but also it will also sign you up for mailed coupons and email coupon notices.


Step 4

Contact manufacturers for coupons. Visit a manufacturer's website, and find the customer service section of the site. Many sites offer an option where you can request paper and electronic coupons from the company.



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