How to Make a Payment to American Eagle by Phone

American Eagle manufactures and sells popular lines of casual clothing, and maintains a finance department for its credit card customers. Making a payment to American Eagle by phone takes only a few minutes, although the company does charge a fee for the service.

Step 1

Call American Eagle toll free at either 1-800-843-0875 or 1-866-681-2513 and enter or say your account number when prompted. The account number can be found on your monthly billing statement, or you can enter or state your Social Security number. The automated system will access your billing records.

Step 2

Provide your checking account number and the routing number for your bank when prompted. This information can be found on the bottom edge of any check in your checkbook. The account number is listed first, followed by the routing number.

Step 3

Use your debit card to make a telephone payment if you do not have a checking account. The debit account number is embossed on the card.

Step 4

If necessary, you can speak with a customer service representative faster by saying the word "none" during the computer-voice prompts asking for your American Eagle account and Social Security numbers. You will be transferred to a live person.

Step 5

Enter the payment amount when prompted or tell the customer service rep the amount you wish to authorize from your account. The amount is typically deducted from your account within 48 hours.

Step 6

Be aware that as of August 2009, American Eagle charges a $15 service fee for making a telephone payment and that this amount will be deducted from your banking account along with your payment. American Eagle does not mention this fee on its website for billing inquiries and payments. There is no fee to make an online payment.


Avoid paying an extra fee by mailing payments early enough to reach American Eagle before the end of your billing grace period.

Alternatively, make account payments online to American Eagle. There is no fee for making an online payment. The registration link is provided in the References section.

Things You'll Need

  • Checking or Debit Account

  • Telephone

  • An Account with American Eagle