How to Send Money to China

Many individuals and students in the United States have friends, family or business associates in the People's Republic of China. Often, these individuals need to transfer funds between the United States and China. Learn how to send money to China securely and efficiently from the United States.


Step 1

Contact the Bank of China's U.S. branch (based in New York City) at (212) 935-3101 or online (see Resources). Request that the bank transfer funds through the Global Payment System. Your money will be sent to your Chinese recipient within one business day. Likewise, individuals in China can send money to you in the United States. You will need to mail the Bank of China a certified check or send the money electronically. For electronic transfers, the bank's SWIFT number is BKCHUS33. You may also use the ABA system (#026003269) to send money.


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Step 2

Consider using a third-party money transferring service to send money to China. Financial institutions that service China include MoneyGram and iKobo Money Transfer (see Resources). These services function much like traditional money orders, albeit on an international scale. You will need to deposit money into an account with the respective service. Then, you'll be provided a reference number which you give to the recipient in China who can then use the number to collect the money you've sent.


Step 3

Send the money directly to a Chinese bank from your U.S. bank account. Contact the individual in China to whom you wish to send money and ask them for the SWIFT number for the Chinese bank that they use. You will also need the Chinese bank's name, phone number and mailing address. Request that your U.S. bank wire money to the Chinese bank using the information you provide. Due to the international nature of your wire request, your bank may charge you a transaction fee.



Step 4

Write a personal check and mail it to the individual in China. Most national Chinese banks are able to cash and process U.S. checks, though the transaction fee may add significant costs to the process.

Things You'll Need

  • SWIFT number for the Chinese bank (optional)

  • Financial information (such as bank account number) for the individual to whom you are sending funds

  • Contact information for the bank in China



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