How to Make a Water Bill Payment Online

Make a Water Bill Payment Online

Many water utilities and banks offer the ability to make water bill payments via the Internet. Online payments are secure and convenient, and they're processed at least as quickly as making a payment in person or by mail. Once you're enrolled in the online payment program, you'll be able to complete transactions with just a few clicks. In many cases, you can set up electronic billing and recurring automatic payments to save both you and the water company time and money.

Step 1

Visit your water utility's website. It's probably written on your water bill. If not, call their customer service number and ask.

Step 2

Select the website's option to pay your bill online. Enter your personal information and account number and create a password to enroll in the online payment program. Frequently, payees will send you a confirmation email with a URL that you'll need to click on to validate that you wished to create the account.

Step 3

Follow the instructions in the confirmation email and log onto the website again to make your payment.

Step 4

Sample check with routing number and account number indicated.

Enter the amount you wish to pay when prompted. Select a payment method---debit/credit card or checking account---and provide the account information.

Step 5

Submit the payment after you've entered all the required information. You'll be given a confirmation number after the transaction is complete. Record the number or print the screen to save it.

Step 6

Visit your bank or credit union's website to find out if they offer a bill paying service. If so, enroll in their program.

Step 7

Select the account you wish to pay your water bill from.

Step 8

List the water utility as a payee by entering their name, address, and your account number.

Step 9

Enter the amount you wish to pay and select the date that the bank should send the payment.

Step 10

Submit the payment and record the confirmation number. The bank will make the payment and debit your account on the date you selected.

Things You'll Need

  • Credit or debit card or checking account

  • Web browser software