How to Sell a Gift Card

Each year billions of dollars worth of gift cards are unused. If you received a gift card to a store or restaurant you don't want, turn it into cash. Here are step by step directions on how to sell a gift card.

Step 1

Check out for a simple and fast way to sell your gift card. Most cards are sold in the "General" section, but you can also list in special areas. For example, you could list a TJMAXX card in the clothing section.

Step 2

Decide if you want cash fast, knowing you will have to take less for the card. If you are willing to take less cash, sell directly to a site, such as or Check the websites for other gift cards and the amount they will pay if you sell your gift card directly to them.

Step 3

Consider selling or trading the gift card yourself. At you can swap or sell your card for a one-time transaction fee of $1.99, which is charged to your credit card. Your listing stays active for 90 days and you may list it for an additional 60 days if it does not sell.

Step 4

Think about eBay as another way to sell your gift card. With millions of users, you can often sell a gift card there quickly. But keep in mind eBay charges transaction fees and if your card doesn't sell you are out of pocket.