#freshstart2017: Wrap It Up

Image Credit: Trifonov_Evgeniy/iStock/GettyImages

When we started the #freshstart2017 process in the beginning of January, it felt right: New year, new you and all that jazz. But this plan isn't something that's reserved just for the first few days of the year. Any time your finances need a little nudge to get back in line can be the time for a fresh start.


Find some money you might have missed.

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Take advantage of all the benefits available to you.

Ditch the tempting emails from retailers.


Raise your retirement contribution.

Set up your workspace.

Tally up your income.


Tally up your debts.

Get your free credit report.

Review your insurance coverage.


Lower your bills.

Track your spending.

Plan your meals.

Pack your lunch.


Start a mini-emergency fund.

Try something new.

Build an emergency fund.


Make a debt payoff plan.

Focus on your health.

Give yourself a tax break.


Find your hustle.

Ask for a raise.