#freshstart2017: Lower Those Bills

Image Credit: smiltena/iStock/GettyImages

When you gathered up all of your bills and listed them, you may have been a little shocked at how much you're spending on boring things like lights and Wi-Fi. There are a million little ways to save yourself some dough on utilities through mindfulness, but the biggest, baddest way to save is the simplest: Just ask!


Get in touch with each of your providers by dealing with the horrors of the automated system, it will be worth it. Using language that is proven to work, request an audit of your services and/or a lower rate. And be nice, so few people are these days -- it makes a difference.

If you want to just automate the whole thing, third party auditors like BillCutterz or 3GWatchdog can monitor your accounts and recommend cuts you can make to save.