#freshstart2017: Pack Your Lunch

Image Credit: Andreka/iStock/GettyImages

You knew this one was coming. Do you really enjoy the soggy salad you spend good money on each day? Is that burger from the food truck such a gourmet treat that you're willing forgo future plans for it? Probably not.

We've all been there: Sunday rolls around. You've just been to brunch, walked around the city, or spent the day in bed just doing Sunday the way that it was meant to be done (horizontally). Without even noticing it, it's 9pm and you still haven't prepared your meals for the coming week. You shrug it off, climb back into bed, and spend the week buying $12 sandwiches and greasy Chinese food for lunch. Just pack a lunch already!

You don't need to make anything fancy, just something you like to eat. PB&J, leftovers, a handful of gummy worms -- whatever you like.

You stand to save a LOT of money, depending on how much you go wild on the salad bar. When you make your menu plan for next week, include lunch in the picture. Just a few hours of prep on Sunday and you'll be rollin' in the dough.