#freshstart2017: Ask for a Raise

Image Credit: g-stockstudio/iStock/GettyImages

In your quest to make more money, there's one obvious source: The people who pay you. Asking for a raise can be an anxiety inducing feat, for sure. It's best to be as prepared as possible and confident in your request. Ask yourself these questions:


Has it been a year or more since my last pay increase?

Have I been doing a good job?

Was my last review positive?

Am I making less than others in my field?

Am I making less than others in my office?


If you're getting all yeses, then it is time. Make an appointment with your boss, go in armed with facts, look your best, and get that money.

Or not...if you're denied a raise, and that might happen, just keep chugging along doing you best. Request another meeting in a few months to revisit the matter. If the money never comes along, then start your search for a new job. If you can't move up the ladder you're on, hop to another ladder. You deserve it.