#freshstart2017: Set Up Your Workspace

Image Credit: Sapling

It's 9pm, do you know where your bills are? The best way to get a clear picture of your obligations is to have them all right there in front of you. So, put all of your things in one place already.

When your bills are emailed to you, put them in a separate folder for bills only. When a bill arrives in the mail put it in an envelope, drawer, a box, whatever. Just keep everything in one place. I have a photo box from a craft store that I use as my little office. It has all my bills, checkbook, stamps, the good pen, that kind of stuff. You can get as plain or as fancy as you like here, just get it together.

Gather it all up from the dredges of your tote bag and the little pile by the front door. Open all the envelopes and throw them away. Keep the most recent copy of everything and toss the rest. Do the same with your emails, just keep the most recent version of each obligation.

Now, the reallllly hard part: Write it all down. Get back to your old timey roots and put pen to paper. Write down every payment you make for the entire month, it will be easy because you have all the bills right in front of you now. Total it all up and go make yourself a drink.