How to Buy Types of Tobacco Used for Making Cigarettes

Loose cigarette tobacco

Various tobacco blends exist for the manufacturing of cigarettes. Purchasing loose tobacco to roll your own cigarettes is a simple process that doesn't require special licenses or documentation. From smooth menthol to strong standard blends, cigarette tobacco is less expensive when purchased in loose form.


Step 1

Purchase small amounts of loose tobacco (up to a carton's worth of cigarettes) from stores such as Wal-Mart and even convenience stores. Such brands of loose tobacco include Kite, Top and Bugler. As of 2010, a canister of Top or Bugler tobacco that produces 200 cigarettes cost approximately $14.00.


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Step 2

Locate local smoke shops in your city that specialize in different cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobaccos. Purchasing from specialty shops sometimes saves you a few dollars per canister or bag of loose tobacco.

Step 3

Find a nearby Native American reservation store. These cigarette and liquor stores offer a variety of loose cigarette tobacco, and generic cigarettes, for prices that are lower than the prices paid in other shops.


Step 4

Locate a legal and reliable online source for wholesale loose tobacco to simply order your cigarette tobacco without worrying about locating it in stores. Online shopping for loose cigarette tobacco provides you with convenience and possibly more discounts depending on the website you use.



Step 5

Experiment with different blends of loose cigarette tobacco by purchasing small amounts of different types. This helps you determine which blend better suits your tastes, whether you prefer a smooth menthol or strong Turkish-blend cigarette.


Find cigarette and tobacco dealers that offer coupons for their products. Using coupons adds to the already frugal process of rolling your own cigarettes.

Try natural blends of cigarette tobacco. Depending on the region you live in, some Native American smoke shops offer specialty blends of tobacco grown by Native Americans here in the US.

Trying other specialty tobacco blends, such as tobaccos flavored with chocolate, strawberry and other additives, not only flavors your cigarettes but gives you a taste of different luxurious blends.



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