How to Make a Dollar Bill Crisp

How to Make a Dollar Bill Crisp. It's infuriating getting change back from a vendor so wrinkled it barely fits into your wallet. It's annoying to hand those bills over and you can't use them in vending or change machines or for origami. Luckily, making a dollar bill crisp is easy with a few simple steps.

How to Make a Dollar Bill Crisp                 ironing dollars
How to Make a Dollar Bill Crisp
credit: Marina Bartel/Hemera/GettyImages

Stretch your dollar bill out the best you can. If needs be, you can clip it into place using a paper clip, alligator clip or clothespin. Place it onto a surface you can iron, like an ironing board.

Squirt a little water on it from a squirt bottle. You can also try Downey Wrinkle Remover, if it's easier.

Turn on your iron onto the lowest setting.

Start ironing your bill, while the iron is still warming up. Going long side to long side is probably the best way, unless you're very comfortable using an iron.

Flip the bill over and start ironing the other side.

Let the bill cool down and place it back into your wallet.