How to Use Lighter Fluid Around the House

Use Lighter Fluid Around the House

How to Use Lighter Fluid Around the House. With disposal lighters so common today, lighter fluid has been pushed to the rear of the shelf. That's a shame because it's inexpensive, readily available and great to have on hand for a number of uses besides fueling up the Zippo. Get the lighter fluid out and put it to use.


Step 1

Remove crayon marks from painted walls. Squirt a little lighter fluid on a clean rag and wipe the mark until it's gone.

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Step 2

Banish black heel marks from the kitchen floor. Put a bit of lighter fluid on a paper towel and scrub the scuff mark away.


Step 3

Comb chewing gum right out of hair by putting a few drops of lighter fluid on the sticky mass. Wait 15-20 seconds for the gum to dissolve, then comb it out. Use this method to remove chewing gum from most surfaces.

Step 4

Take labels and stickers off almost any surface. Put a few drops of lighter fluid on the sticker, work it in, then pull off the sticker. Do the same with the adhesive left from strapping tape.



Step 5

Get cooking oil stains out of clothing. Poor a little lighter fluid directly on the stain before putting the garment back through the wash.

Step 6

Wipe rust marks off stainless steel. Pour lighter fluid on a clean cloth and rub the rust away. Use another clean cloth to wipe off any remaining lighter fluid.


Lighter fluid is highly flammable. It is hazardous if inhaled or ingested and should be kept out of the reach of children. Don't use lighter fluid while smoking or working around an open flame.

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