6 Jobs to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Who never had the dream to take a year off to travel, learn a new language, meet new people, and explore a new culture? Although many people think a sabbatical year is only allowed for those who don't have to work, it's perfectly possible to work abroad and keep an income.

You may not get rich babysitting children in Holland, teaching English in China, or working in a farm in Australia -- but you can make enough money to live in those countries and travel around.

Here are a few jobs you can get abroad:

1. Au Pair

If you like children and would like to live with a host family (a great way to save money on rent and food), this is the job for you. Many countries offer that type of visa for people under 30 years old. To find a family, you can hire an agency or go online; Au Pair World is a great start.

2. English teacher

It's possible to teach English as a second language in different countries such as China, Peru or Costa Rica. Most of the positions require a TELF certificate.

3. Farm worker

Jobs picking grapes in France or sowing an organic farm in Australia are for people who don't mind working hard. This is a unique experience and a great way to know the countryside.

4. Hostel receptionist

Normally this a short-term job. The environment is (almost) always fun and it's a great way to meet new people every day. There are many sites that offer hostel positions all over the world.

5. Photographer

If you are a talented photographer you can make a living traveling and taking pictures for travel agencies, restaurants, and hotels.

6. Freelancer writer

All places in the world have amazing histories and interesting facts. Pitch editors in different areas with your ideas. I made some extra money abroad covering bike tournaments in Belgium and young entrepreneurs in Cuba.