MoviePass Could Be Back in the Game Soon

Rumors of its demise may have been overstated. Last fall, the startup MoviePass made headlines with its spectacular tumble from grace. Previously unlimited access to first-run films dried up, and the company's immense public goodwill along with it.

Keep an eye on the app, though: According to one anonymous source speaking to Business Insider, MoviePass could make a play for our hearts and wallets again, and soon. Single-source stories are, of course, worth staying skeptical about, but BI claims that "the movie-ticket subscription service has been working to bring back a plan similar to the one that got it so many subscribers two summers ago: a $9.95-a-month unlimited plan."

It's noteworthy not just for the potential comeback story, but because we're all eager for entertainment that we can't quite always afford. Going to the movies is an expensive proposition these days, and it's become one of millennials' top financial regrets, along with "things I don't need" like eating out and drinking alcohol. Streaming services are getting pricier with less on offer, and while the library is a great source for physical and digital books and movies, we're still largely opting to spend money instead.

MoviePass, of course, isn't going to make the same mistake twice (one hopes). Unfortunately for its biggest fans, it's limiting what it calls "excessive individual usage" and it only applies to 2D films. Furthermore, per BI, "MoviePass said subscribers would get the $9.95-a-month price if they paid on an annual basis through an e-check or an automated clearinghouse." So it may not be the second act we hoped for — but then again, sequels rarely are.