Erika Jayne Goes Down to Georgia and Spends a Pretty Penny

This episode should be titled, "Erika Jayne is EVERYTHING." She's a showstopper in this episode, reminding us why we love her — not that we ever forgot. Of course, we don't hate that she spent a ton of money this episode.

Our Process: We tuned in to see just how much the ladies are spending. In order to calculate, we focused on money spent in the episode. Clothing, cars, houses, etc are not calculated unless the women make the purchase on screen each week. If the women go out to dinner, we will attribute the cost to whichever housewife is given credit for the scene, as designated by the "title" before the scene.

At the end of the episode, we'll tally it up to see who forked over the most dough (and who is in the lead for the season).

Lunch at Il Pastaio


Kyle and Dorit meet around lunch at Il Pastaio. Kyle tells us how excited she is to host an event at her store with The Fat Jewish, who for the record, is a proven joke stealer. Dorit is, of course, the perfect audience for Kyle's long form brag because she doesn't question the moral failings of her own house guest (see again: Boy George, who is so much worse).

Glass of white wine: $14

Glass of red wine: $16

Soup: $17.90 ($8.95 each)

Total with tax and tip: $62.27

Lunch at Sweet Butter


Meanwhile, Erika and Eileen meet for lunch at Sweet Butter. Erika earns our love yet again by parking her car in the carry-out lane, then sitting down to chat about her mom. She invites Eileen to come with her to Georgia to see her mother as they snack on avocado toast and gigantic iced coffees.

Avocado toasts: $15 ($7.50 each)

Iced coffees: $6.50 ($3.25 each)

Total with tax and tip: $27.95

Lisa Rinna at home

Lisa Rinna

Rinna makes a smoothie at her house, so at least she's taking care of herself? Good for her. I hope she doesn't choke on it.

Smoothie ingredients: $5

Kyle hosts a party for The Fat Jewish


Kyle makes good on her promise to host a party for an Instagram plagiarist to try to capitalize on his social media following. She hosts it at her boutique, Kyle by Alene Too, and from what we can tell, she had a minor wardrobe malfunction. Kyle, that dress looks uncomfortable. Because it's press for The Fat Jewish's wine, White Girl Rose, he's picking up most of the tab, so there's that.

Of course, the star moment of the event goes to the one and only, Erika Jayne. LVP invites her and Dorit to Hong Kong. Then, Eileen comes over. It gets awkwardly silent until Erika invites Eileen on LVP's trip. All hail Queen Erika.

Total: $0 (we're giving Kyle a pass on this one)

LVP hosts lunch at Villa Rosa


LVP comes around to inviting Rinna and Eileen to Hong Kong, while Dorit tries to crack Erika Jayne (sweet Dorit, it's not gonna happen).

Rose: $80 (two bottles, $40 each)

Flowers: $50

Candy: $10

Salads: $60

Total: $200

Erika flies home, Glam Squad in tow


Erika flies home to Georgia with her makeup artist and hair stylist. They sip on bloody marys on the private plane.

Cost of Flying Private Plane: $1,000

Bloody Marys: $15

Total: $1,015

Kyle visits Kim at home


Kyle visits new grandmother, Kim, to bring her Portia's old bassinet with what looks like $500 in new baby gadgets on the bottom shelf. They discuss Rinna and whether or not Kim can let it go because on this show…no one ever lets anything go. Can you tell we're ready for new drama?

Baby stuff: $500

Erika in Georgia


This angel went down to Georgia to visit family. She rents an SUV and takes the Glam Squad to her grandparent's house, where her mom now lives. We love seeing Erika at home because we get to see another side of her. Who are we kidding? We love EVERY side of her!

Car Rental: $280

Hotel for Glam Squad: $300 ($150/night)

Total: $580

LVP invites Rinna to Hong Kong


LVP invites Rinna to Vanderpump Pets — we can't wait until we get to figure out her interior design budget for that place — so that she can invite her to Hong Kong. LVP has shown that her mission this season is to get as much press for Vanderpump Pets and the Yulin Dog Festival, even if that means being friends with Rinna…for a time.

Total: $0

Erika Jayne in the graveyard


Erika and her mom go to the cemetery to visit her grandparents. It's an emotionally touching moment where Erika lets herself be vulnerable and her mother admits that she was hard on Erika growing up. Closure!

Flowers: $20

Episode Total:

Erika: $1,615

Kyle: $500

LVP: $200

Dorit: $62.27

Eileen: $27.95

Rinna: $5

Erika wins again!

Tally for Episodes 6-14:

Lisa Vanderpump: $653,806

Erika: $77,165

Kyle: $23,382.50

Dorit: $4,383,87

Eden: $2,376.57

Lisa Rinna: $2,607.75

Eileen: $527.95