Here's How Much That Paris Trip in "Home Alone" Actually Cost

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

There's no debating that Home Alone is a true holiday classic. And like most classic films, it's a highly unrealistic one, both in the improbable series of events that leave Kevin McCallister stranded at home...but also in how much money was spent to ship a dozen or so folks over to Paris for a holiday vacation. So, let's break down just how much it cost.

The first thing that most people don't realize: The McCallisters and co. are not paying for the trip themselves. It is in fact Mr. McCallister's (Peter's) brother who is footing the bill...for EVERYONE.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox / HBO
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox / HBO

Note how Kate (Kevin's mom) says, "he's GIVING us ALL...", meaning Peter's brother is paying to send not one but two families over to France. (Remember, not all of those kids are Kate and Peter's — Kevin's aunt and uncle and their kids are also coming on the trip.)

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox / HBO

This includes:

  • Peter and Kate McCallister and their five children.
  • Uncle Frank and Aunt Leslie and their three kids.
  • Plus, three other kids/teens that are presumed to be cousins (or possibly children of the relative living in Paris).


So, we need to get 15 people to Paris. And of those 15 people, four of them are flying first class:

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox / HBO

So let's start with the first class tickets. A first class ticket from Chicago O'Hare to Paris for December 22nd through December 30th will cost $8,511.

Multiply that by four and you get: $43,044. As for 11 economy class tickets to Paris, you're looking at about $1,274 per ticket. Kids' total: $14,014.

Luckily, Peter's brother doesn't have to also pay for a hotel for everyone because it would seem their Paris apartment accommodates everyone:

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox / HBO

Total airfare costs: $57,058

Tourist attractions

Let's also assume Peter's brother (because he is clearly so very rich), also has agreed to pay for the two families to see the sights and eat some great meals.

Many museums in Paris are actually free if you're under 18, so that's a great way Peter's brother could actually save money. Assuming the whole gang goes to the Louvre, Centre Pompidou, and the Musée d'Orsay, they're only paying for adult tickets, which would be $174.35 for all three museums.

The Eiffel Tower, however, is not free for kids.

Prices are mixed depending on the ages but they'd spend about $208.25 for 15 people to visit the monument.

Let's add in a boat ride on the Seine, which would be $179.56 for the group.

Museum and tourist attraction costs: $592.16


Oof. Feeing 15 mouths for a week?

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox / HBO

Let's say Peter's brother decides to provide breakfast every day for a week, and it's simple enough — coffee and croissants. This would be about $30/day for a total of $210.

And Peter's brother (because he is a very good brother), agrees to take everyone out to dinner at a classic French restaurant — let's say the Bistrot Paul Bert, where the prix fixe menu tends to be about 41 Euros. Add in two bottles of wine for the grown-ups at 40 Euros each and that takes you to $695.

Food total: $905

So, about how much did Peter's brother pay (well, theoretically, because remember, the McCallisters rush home to be with Kevin) in total for their very fine vacation?

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Grand total: $58,555.16

Which means...if most families spend about 5% of their income on vacations, then Peter was pulling in about $1.2 million per year. Damnnnn.