Staying in for the Win: A Homebody's Guide to Dating

As my hero in life, Liz Lemon, would say, "Yes to staying in more!" I would definitely classify myself as a "homebody." As I've gotten older, the idea of getting ready, going out, and having to portray a certain kind of self exhausts me to my core. Going out is loud and tiring and crowded--and expensive.

Want to know the average cost of a dinner/movie date for two?

The dating website Zoosk calculated how much it would cost for a date in major cities across the United States. Not surprisingly, New York City topped the list, with a night out costing you around $173.88. ALMOST $200?! That's like, over a full day of work for me. That $200 includes two movie tickets, two drinks, two cappuccinos, and dinner for two (and just wait until you factor in Ubers, the new outfit you bought, and Snowcaps!).

What a racket.

Instead of shelling out a pretty penny for a night out on the town--we've got an alternative!

1. Instead of two pricey cocktails at dinner...

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a frequent buyer card at your local grocery store and buy a couple bottles of wine. A really great bottle of wine can cost almost the same as a watered down vodka tonic at the local watering hole. See where I'm going with this? Drinking at home allows for many things: 1) Judgment free zone if you feel it is necessary to devour the whole bottle 2) You can do these things with no makeup on 3) You do not have to wait for three hours for the bartender to make eye contact with you. Going out sounds pretty horrible by comparison, doesn't it?

2. Instead of dinner out…

What's better than ordering food and having someone deliver it to your doorstep? Answer: nothing. You barely have to lift a finger and you can indulge in some greasy cheese pizza or Chinese food or whatever is available in your area. Who needs a fancy dining experience when you can sit on your couch in sweatpants and eat like a king for a quarter of the cost?

3. Instead of buying movie tickets…

This one is pretty simple, right? If you haven't heard of Netflix, I don't even know what to do tell you. Please remove yourself from the rock you are under and come to the light. Movie tickets are so expensive these days (plus popcorn and candy!), so why even bother with all that nonsense when you can binge watch Friday Night Lights for the third time? Stay in!

Sure, going out every once in awhile is probably good for your mind, body, and soul. Social interaction is important and interacting with other humans is good for you (or so I'm told.) Being a homebody doesn't mean that you always have to stay in, but in this day and age when a date will close you two Ben Franklins, staying in with some takeout and sweatpants doesn't seem so bad. Especially when you'll be saving money at the same time!