Here's How Much It Actually Costs to Live Like a "Real Housewife"

Image Credit: Bravo TV

Living like a Real Housewife might not be on everyone's to-do list, but it certainly is fun to think about. I am a super fan of most RH franchises (hard pass on Potomac). I know these ladies and their lifestyles. I know their routines.


Their lives: crazy. But also fascinating. These ladies do not live like normal people and sometimes I watch the show, simply astounded by how much money they churn through. So, I had to find out — how much does it actually cost to live like a Real Housewife?

Video of the Day

I broke down a day in the life of Kyle Richards, Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, to see exactly how much her life costs:



7 a.m.: Get your sweat on at SoulCycle ($39).

Classes at this cult-like spin studio cost $39 each. INSANITY.


7:45a.m.: Get glowing with a spray tan ($39).

Chances are, Kyle may have a package at Beverly Hills salon Sugared + Bronze, but the standard price for one session is $39.

9 a.m.: Private yoga instruction in your home studio ($150).

Because, yes, Kyle Richards will sometimes work out TWICE in one day.


Morning total: $228


12 p.m.: Meet friends for lunch/screaming match at Villa Blanca (about $50).

Lunch at this Lisa Vanderpump-owned establishment isn't quite a bargain. If you got a walnut-crusted salmon salad ($22) and a champagne cocktail ($14), you're looking at about a $50 bill with tax and tip.


2 p.m.: Shopping on Rodeo drive ($1,835).

We wouldn't hold it past Kyle to buy YET ANOTHER Balenciaga City bag — she has 14 already, so why not go for a solid 15? And they cost nearly two grand each.


3 p.m.: Nannies shuttle kids to and from sports and lessons ($150/day).

The average hourly wage for a nanny is $16/hour. More than 3/4 of all families pay for childcare.

Afternoon total: $2,035 Day's total so far: $2,263


6 p.m.: Get some juice delivery for dinner ($17).

Let's say Kyle orders an apple ginger tumeric juice from Beverly Hills Juice — base cost is $10 plus a Postmates delivery fee.


7 p.m.: Bring in a pro for full hair and makeup ($200).

Sparkle, Kyle, sparkle
Image Credit: Bravo TV

Literally every time she goes out, she gets her face professionally done up. Damn.


8 p.m.: A chauffeured car arrives to bring her to a charity event ($300).

Round trip for an exclusive car service in Beverly Hills? You're looking at about $300.


11:05 p.m.: Back from charity event (or, um, more likely, a screaming match), she makes a quick call to her therapist ($150).

Chances are, if you live in Beverly Hills, you've got a therapist who doesn't take your insurance, and you don't even really care about that anyhow. So a call at 11 p.m. to your fancy concierge therapist? Gonna cost you.


Evening total: $667

Day's total: $2,930

This day is a bargain compared to days when Kyle goes shopping in Dubai or spends $1,400 hooked up to a fat freezing machine. Reality stars, they're just like us!