Salary of an NYPD Police Commissioner

The NYPD commissioner is responsible for more than 36,000 officers.

Before he led the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill and ended up in the White House, Theodore Roosevelt was the New York City police commissioner. The New York Police Department continues to issue the Theodore Roosevelt Award to officers who return to duty after a severe illness or injury. Although much has changed since Roosevelt's 1895 tenure, the police commissioner is still the highest rank in the NYPD, followed by the First Deputy Commissioner and 14 Deputy Commissioners. The city does not publish salary ranges for these positions, but the Department of Citywide Administrative Services publishes an annual salary report by employee name.


Police Commissioner

In 2010, the NYPD police commissioner was Raymond W. Kelly, according to the NYPD administration's website. The site states that Commissioner Kelly joined the NYPD in 1966, following a three-year stint in the U.S. Marine Corps. The New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services reported that Commissioner Kelly earned $205,180 in 2010.

First Deputy Commissioner

The NYPD website states that Rafael Pineiro was the first deputy commissioner in 2010. He began his career with the NYPD in 1970 as a patrol officer, working his way through the ranks until he became the chief of personnel in 2002. The civil list released by the CAS reported his 2010 salary as $200,139.


Deputy Commissioners – Salary Range and Average

The 14 deputy commissioners earned between $175,613 and $199,984 in 2010, according to the CAS civil list. The average salary was $192,295.50. Seven deputy commissioners earned identical salaries, $195,480.

Deputy Commissioners – Salary Details

The deputy commissioner in charge of management and budget in 2010 was Edward J. Allocco, according to the NYPD's website. His 2010 salary was reported in the CAS civil list as $195,480. John P. Beirne earned $194,525 in 2010 as the deputy commissioner for labor relations. Paul J. Browne handled public information duties, earning a reported $199,946 in 2010, and Wilbur L. Chapman received $195,480 in 2010 as the deputy commissioner overseeing training.


Two deputy commissioners in 2010 shared a similar name. David Cohen was the deputy commissioner of intelligence, earning $195,480, and David M. Cohen was the NYPD labor counselor, earning $194,525. Deputy Commissioner Richard Daddario was in charge of the counter terrorism unit, and he earned $195,480 in 2010. Michael J. Farrell oversaw the strategic initiatives, also earning a 2010 salary of $195,480. Martin Karopkin was the deputy commissioner in charge of trials, and CAS reported his 2010 earnings as $183,325.

V. J. Onalfo was the technological development deputy commissioner in 2010, and CAS reported that he earned $195,480 for the year. Patrick Timlin earned an identical salary as the deputy commissioner in charge of operations. Deputy Commissioner Shaffer was in charge of legal matters for the NYPD, earning $199,984 in 2010, and Julie L. Schwartz earned $175,613 as the deputy commissioner for legal matters. Deputy Commissioner Neldra M. Zeigler oversaw the department's office of equal opportunity in 2010, earning a reported $175,859 for the year.


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