Texas Prison Warden Salary

A prison warden is in charge of a correctional facility. The job duties include overseeing the prisoners' well-being, unit security and personnel of both guards and administration. The warden is also responsible for the facility and the records of the unit. The warden needs a degree, typically in the criminal justice field. The position has a high level of responsibility for the safety and security of the employees, the prisoners and even the public safety.


Warden Salary

A prison warden in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice makes $70,554.12 per year. There are 114 state prisons in Texas as of 2010. This does not include other state facilities such as juvenile centers, county jails or any federal prisons. This means that the total number of prison warden jobs in Texas is limited to the number of facilities.


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Additional Benefits

As a prison warden in Texas, some additional benefits are provided. A warden receives hazardous duty pay, which is additional compensation for working in a dangerous environment. The warden often also receives housing as part of the job. If the particular prison facility has housing on the unit, the warden can live on-site. This is a benefit to the warden because the housing is a compensation and it is a benefit to the state because the warden is nearby to handle any crisis situations that arise.


Assistant Wardens

Many criminal justice professionals work in the prison system to gain experience before attempting to apply for a warden position. A Texas warden job requirement is at least 10 years of full-time work in a correctional custody environment. The person must also have six years experience in a supervisory capacity. Taking a position as an assistant warden is often a stepping stone to becoming a warden. An assistant warden in Texas is paid $55,374.48 per year.


Private Prisons

Additional prison warden jobs are available at private prisons in Texas. Two main companies run private prisons in Texas and the United States; Corrections Corporations of America and Wackenhut. These companies have individual salary packages for wardens and prison personnel.