10 Thrifty Instagrammers You Should Be Following

Social media can be an amazing resource for all kinds of life inspiration. You can find hair ideas, nail art you're dying to try, meals you want to make. But, all of that #inspo can come at a cost — a very literal cost to your sadly-not-bottomless bank account. When you're scrolling through pic after pic of the most meticulously-curated versions of people's lives, it can be easy to launch into some costly retail therapy.

But not every account on Instagram will inspire you to drain your bank account or max out your credit cards. In fact, if you know where to look, Instagram can be a wealth of a different kind of inspiration. Here are 10 super thrifty Instagrams to follow if you want a little motivation to engage in some aspirational saving instead of spending.

1. @AnaBudget

Everything Ana wears on her Instagram is under $50 — with many full outfits coming in at under $100 total. Talk about budget-friendly style #goals.

2. @i_heart_kmart

Helen is an Australian Instagrammer who loves (LOVES) Kmart. She posts a lot of pictures of Kmart products and, honestly, she makes everything look upscale and amazing even though everything you see is...from Kmart.

3. @thebargainhunter_

It's all in the name with this one. Jasmine, who is a lawyer during the day and deal hunter in the evening, runs @thebargainhunter_, an Instagram dedicated to gorgeous, affordable items.

4. @TargetFanatic

Liz, who runs the @TargetFanatic account, keeps followers up to date on Target's latest deals, discounts and even clearance markdowns.

5. @FreebieShark

The only thing better than cheap is free and that's what Jason at @FreebieShark points out to his followers. He posts regular updates about free deals at major stores and chains.

6. @bezerowastegirl

Andrea at @bezerowastegirl won't point you in the direction of bargains, but she will give you lots of useful tips to reuse things you might have thrown out and save yourself major money in the long run.

7. @budgetfoodmummy

Yes, @budgetfoodmummy is technically a mom blog (momstagram?), but these budget-friendly and very tasty food ideas are great moneysavers for anyone.

8. @skintdad

Moms aren't the only ones with good money-saving tips. Ricky Willis, aka @SkintDad, is dedicated to helping his followers improve their finances, with tips of all kinds from ways to make a little extra cash to tips for cutting down on bills and posts with great motivational quotes to keep you on track.

9. @BudgetBabe

Dianna Baros, editor-in-chief of The Budget Babe, posts brilliant fashion finds for people trying to look amazing on a shoestring budget.

10. @thrifydecorchick

Sarah at @thriftydecorchick is a DIY-er and blogger with an Instagram full of tips for having a magazine-worthy home on a regular human budget.