How to Add Someone to Your Section 8

Section 8 provides rental assistance to families across the U.S.

Section 8 is a government-funded program that offers rental assistance to low-income individuals and families through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Applications, qualification, and approval for Section 8 are determined at the state level by Public Housing Agency or PHA offices. Acceptance in the Section 8 program is based on a number of factors, including household size and income, so it is very important to report any additional members of the household as soon as possible.


Step 1

Contact the Public Housing Agency office in your area. You must contact the office where you submitted your application to make any changes to your application. If you have applied to multiple locations, you must submit your updated information to each office individually as the Section 8 offices in different cities/counties do not communicate with one another.


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Step 2

Provide a PHA representative with the information of the individual you will be adding to your application. You will be required to provide the Social Security number, name, date of birth and income information for the individual.

Step 3

Submit the required documentation to the PHA office. You will be required to submit a birth certificate, proof of Social Security number and proof of income for the person you will be adding to your application. The PHA representative will provide you with the submission options.

Things You'll Need

  • Birth certificate

  • Proof of income

  • Proof of Social Security number