How to Appeal a Pell Grant Denial

A Pell grant is a federally funded financial aid grant distributed to college students who make under a certain threshold of income each year. Pell grants require certain qualifications, and you can be denied for a number for reasons, including attendance percentage. One of the little known requirements is satisfactory academic improvement that requires you keep your grades at a satisfactory level. If you are denied, you can appeal through your school's financial aid department.


Step 1

Contact your school's financial aid department. Ask a representative about the process to appeal a Pell grant denial.

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Step 2

Download the forms from the school's website or go in person to pick them up. Read them carefully before filling them out. Fill out the forms in their entirety.


Step 3

Attach any pertinent evidence, such as your financial records or grades. For example, if you've been denied based on your academic process, submit documentation about the mitigating reasons behind it. Return the forms to the appropriate person in the financial aid department.



Your financial aid counselor is an important resource in this process. He has an advanced understanding of the financial aid process and your school’s procedures. Consider going to him to help with your appeal.


Remember that each school’s financial aid office may run differently, so this process may vary slightly depending on the school in question. Always defer to the information provided to you directly from your school’s financial aid office.



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