Things You Can Get with a Costco Membership

Costco is a wholesale warehouse that requires a membership. You can get a wide range of products and services from Costco ranging from groceries to items that are more abstract. To find some of the more interesting items, you need to time your visit just right. Some products are only available during certain special events.

Mortuary Services

You probably won't find the caskets next to the produce isle, but the store does offer them along with a whole host of other post-mortem accessories. You can also buy an urn for humans or pets along with some sympathy flowers. The superstore apparently made consumers a little jumpy in 2004 when it made the mistake of stocking caskets near the checkout counters. A casket does make an interesting impulse-buy item, though.

Wedding Apparel

You can't always find a wedding gown at Costco, but when the store has trunk sales, you should be able to find a healthy supply of the gowns. They come in assorted styles and the prices usually have a reasonable mark down from what you would pay at a wedding boutique. You can also do some extra preparation for your wedding in Costco by booking a catering service and buying some decorations for the ceremony.


Whether you need a car, boat or RV, you can purchase it at a discounted price through Costco's Auto Program. You usually won't find vehicles stocked at the store, though. Instead, Costco does business with several car dealerships around the United States to give Costco members a special deal on automobiles. You visit the dealership and browse its selection for the vehicle that best suits your needs. Schedule an appointment with a Costco representative to speak with a certified car dealer.


Oenophiles -- wine enthusiasts -- can enjoy a glass of wine at a discount price when shopping at Costco. Not only does Costco have its own brand of wine, it is the largest retailer of fine wine in the United States. While you probably won't find extremely rare drinks at Costco, you can make some decent discoveries. You can purchase the store brand wine or browse through a healthy selection of wines from third-party vineyards.

Discount Vacations

While you can't find a Costco brand hotels throughout the United States, you can still book some discount vacations at Costco. You have to select some of the packages the store has readily available if you want to enjoy the discounts, so there is a possibility you will have to compromise on your destination. You have a whole host of options for your vacation fun, though, that range from a tropical cruise to a discount hotel package on the mainland.