How to Update an '80s Kitchen Inexpensively

How to Update an '80s Kitchen Inexpensively. If your kitchen is stuck in the '80s, you need to think about updating. If your house is about to go on the market, you need to do more than think. Realtors say kitchens sell houses. A major overhaul means thousands of dollars, but you can bring your kitchen into the 21st century easily and inexpensively, and you'll get most of your investment back when you sell.


Step 1

Assess your kitchen. What makes it look dated? Wallpaper, brass fixtures and old appliances all make a kitchen look outdated and tired.

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Step 2

Paint the walls of your '80s kitchen. This is the most inexpensive way to update, and it makes a huge difference. It also helps your kitchen sparkle like new.


Step 3

Remove ruffled curtains, flowered tablecloths and cutesy kitchen collectibles. Today's kitchens are sleek and sophisticated.

Step 4

Replace your kitchen faucet and cabinet pulls. Brass is out; silver is in style. You can get good-looking facets for under $100 and attractive cabinet pulls for almost nothing. Get rid of brass outlet covers and switch plates. Go with silver, stainless steel or white.


Step 5

Update your '80s cabinets with paint. Sand, prime and paint those oak or pickled cabinet doors with a fresh coat of white pain. A white kitchen is never out of style. For a little more money, hire a company to put in new cabinet doors without removing the old cabinets. It's still inexpensive, and your cabinets will look like new.



Step 6

Granite counter tops are the rage, but they are definitely high end. You can get the same pricey feel with inexpensive laminate that looks like granite.

Step 7

Buy new stainless steel appliances. If this is outside of your budget, black ones are the next best thing. This should completely transform your '80s kitchen.


There's now a stainless steel paint on the market.

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