How to Check the Balance on an AT&T Rewards Card

If you are like most shoppers, you've either received or given a rewards card. In fact, a 2016 study by Total System Services on how consumers pay for goods revealed that credit is the most preferred method of payment among shoppers. Among the different card types, rewards cards scored the highest as the most attractive feature. If you select the AT&T's rewards card for your online or in-store purchases, you'll need to know how to check both the card balance and the rewards status. Fortunately, looking up this information is a cinch.

How to Check the Balance on an AT&T Rewards Card
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Check the Card Balance Online

Head to AT&T's Reward Center using your laptop, tablet or home computer. You'll need to activate your card first by inputting the first four digits of the reward card number and clicking the blue "Continue" button. Next, you'll be taken through the steps to create a PIN. Once the card is activated, you'll be able to view your account information, including your balance, any time you log in. It is important to know how much you have in your account, as AT&T will decline any transaction that exceeds the card balance.

You can also take the opportunity to sign up for mobile alerts while logged in to the Reward Center website. Click "Alerts" and choose whether you'd like an email or text message alert. The alerts will help you keep track of your balance.

Check the Card Balance Over-the-Phone

If you'd rather, flip the rewards card over and dial the customer service number that's printed on the back. Be prepared to enter the account number on the front of the card and create a PIN when prompted. After activation, you'll be able to use the automated system prompts to hear your account balance.

Check the Reward Status

When you qualify for a reward, you'll receive a notification in the mail. The notification will give you the website address to the Reward Center, where you can view and claim the reward by entering your account number and the reward claim number that was issued in the notification letter. The letter will also list the claim by date, so make sure you redeem the reward by this date or you risk losing out on the reward.

Cardholders must maintain active service for 30 days before the reward can be issued, and it typically takes three weeks to receive the reward after that. Once you redeem your reward within the online system, you'll notice an AT&T Reward Tracker pop up on the screen. If you'd like to check the status of your reward, you can do so by clicking on the tracker.